Just before the elections

I guess I am getting use to the TC environment – I am mostly through the huge so-called „first impressions”. Classes are fine, much better than in the first month. The first exams went fine, the style of take-home exam was very interesting to me, it was just an advanced homework. We have a beautiful autumn, a real “indian summer”, the trees are amazing. Also, we had the first snow which lasted for a day. During the past months I had the chance to travel a bit. In the beginning of October I went to the Adirondacks with the Outdoor Leadership class for 4 days, and in the middle/end of October I travelled to Dallas for a week.


As a hands-on experience we had to organise a trip to the given area (Adirondacks – High Region), so we did. We spent 4 days hiking in the area – mixed with night hiking, rain, even more rain, beautiful mountains and peaks and cold. It started very well in a good mood – for most of the team it was the first backpacking experience – but in the second day we just had to replan our route because of the cold and rain. Luckily we managed to find a good shelter for the evening, even so some people there had  quite bit of a camp fire, so we could dry our clothes. The day after we just reached the peak (Mt Haystack, 4234234 ft) and 5 minutes later the whole area became foggy but for that 5 minutes we had a beautiful view  – the trees in the volleys were coloured in red-orange-yellow-you name it. The rest of the trip was just fine.

More pictures from the Adirondacks



Just before the final interview of the Kellner Scholarship I won a travel grant to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ Annual Meeting 2016 and for the Student Leadership Symposium sponsored by Chevron.

So I headed to Dallas, Texas for an amazing week. When I left Hartford, the temperature was around 5-10°C and mostly cloudy. In Dallas after the 3 hours of flying, it was 30°C, clear sky and sunshine. I liked it. I spent the first two days in the Student Leadership Symposium (50 selected students from all around the world) which was an advanced leadership education held by Chevron and SEG experts. During the rest of the week I participated in the Annual Meeting – one of the biggest purely geophysical meetings. It was very good to meet with friends – basically I just meet with them in such kind of events.

Luckily we had a local girls participating, so she showed us in Dallas. We managed to go to the State Fair of Texas – the biggest fair in Texas – it was just as in the movies. Crowd, shooting booths, every kinf of food – worth to mention: corndog and fried oreos. Yes, Fried oreos and actually it is quite good. (However I did not dare to try fried Snickers.) We also went to some typical bars and pubs – I just love country music, so it was a paradise for me. Even I got to know a guy who was in Hungary last year. Hence he was a good friend of the singer they gave me a disk of theirs – signed for me. We visited Deep Ellum which is the bar zone of Dallas, with lots of country bars which I liked very much. Dallas was amazing. The people were super friendly. Interesting to mention, the cars were even bigger. It was very different to Hartford – it was more likely the USA as you see it in the movies. ( However I did not watch the TV series Dallas a lot.)

Some pictures from Dallas


With my photo project, photographing Hartford I made some progress, here are some more selected photos:

Some new pictures here and more here.

Preparing to the Elections

The people were really excited about the election. In Dallas I felt like people more likely to support Trump, but here I feel definitely the support for Clinton. My strategy was to act neutral, so the person I was talking to just tried to convince me, so I heard the arguments and did not have argue about it. What you could feel for sure is the taut situation.

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