The Snow(flake)-themed post


1. The first snow has arrived to New York City yesterday. As I was heading out in the early morning from the dorm I saw a few tiny white things falling down, though I was not sure whether it was snow. But as the hours passed the snowing became stronger and stronger, getting close to a snowstorm by the afternoon. As the snowfall became more gentle by the evening I went out for a walk to Central Park.

The city completely changed as it became covered by the snow. It felt so clean, quiet and peaceful. I hope that it will stay for a while and create more brightness in the city and in people’s hearts.


2. As I am interning at UNICEF USA this semester, I had the possibility to participate at their annual gala, the Snowflake Ball. It was great to get an insight into how such a prominent social function is organized and coordinated. I was a volunteer and helped with the check-in (greeted the guests at the entrance, checked them in on an iPad and handed out escort cards with their table number on it) and with the live auction (helping the auctioneer to spot bidders, which would have been a funny task, had anyone bidden from the tables assigned to me, as I would have had to jump and wave).

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were among the speakers, and the event honored Lucy Meyer, an 18-year old Special Olympics gold medalist and UNICEF’s spokesperson for children with disabilities, and L’Oréal Luxe USA Group President Carol Hamiltonton, who is a board member and regular donor of UNICEF USA. The 13th UNICEF Snowflake Ball raised a staggering $3.7 million for children worldwide.


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