Leaving my room is painful

We’ve arrived to that time of the year when the winter break adventures are already over, and it is yet too early to write about the spring break. It’s just passed February which is known to be the most boring and ugliest month of the year. There is no snow, it’s raining today, and I have three papers to finish by the end of next week. This is going to be a weird blog post.


The second semester begun pretty suddenly, and trampled over me right on the first week. My classes, although I love every single one of them, are much more difficult than last semester – and trust me, I wasn’t bored back then either. I have two literature classes,  so I’m reading a bunch of novels, which might sound nice, but when you have 150 pages to finish for each class, and then, of course, there are the academic texts too, sleep is something you might as well forget. Recently I’ve started taking short, afternoon power-naps;  they make me feel really old, but also, they help a lot.

With all the studying and the disgusting weather outside, one must really force herself to do anything, besides curling up in a bed with a nice Spivak text. (Just kidding, there’s no such thing as a nice Spivak text.) Luckily, I have Zsofi here, who can get me to do things outside my room sometimes. That’s how we ended up visiting the Mark Twain House last week.


To be honest, there’s not many things in Hartford to see. When we arrived here, I remember, we went downtown all excited, and it looked like something after a zombie apocalypse. We saw a couple of confused tourists, that’s all. A century ago, however, Hartford was a writer’s paradise, that’s what drove Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) here. His house, on which he’d spent a quarter-million dollars (just imagine how much money is that today), is open for visitors. And if any of you would find him/herself in Hartford for some unexplainable reason, don’t miss it. It’s simply amazing.

If I ever get through next week, there’s only one more week to go until the spring break. We’re going to New Orleans, and I cannot wait for the sun. One thing is sure though; I’m not bringing any books with me.

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