I ate alligator meat, y’all

I spent my spring break in New Orleans, and it was awesome. I won’t, however, tell stories about it (Zsófi and Trixi will do that in the upcoming posts), instead, here is a quick survival guide for the city (and a bunch of pictures).

I’m not the biggest foodie there is, but New Orleans turned me into a monster with a bottomless stomach. Make sure you try beignets in Cafe du Monde. The lines are crazy, but it worth it. Also, be brave and eat alligator sausage. It sounds cool and it also tastes good.



Stay at India Hostel. If you don’t have a lot of money, hostels are perfect, and this was one of the bests I came across during my travels. Awesome people, a pool, cozy couches and an old fat cat. What more is there to ask for?


Don’t hope for anything authentic if you go to Bourbon Street. Once filled with smoky jazz bars, the most famous street is now covered in trash, drunk tourists and clubs. I mean, it can be fun, and there’s something absurdly beautiful in looking at people from all around the world partying between the historical buildings of the French Quarter, but make sure that you’re prepared (soul and body).



Death has never looked this nice. Morbid, I know, but NOLA has the most beautiful and weirdest cemeteries. We didn’t get to see it, but Nicolas Cage already has a huge crypt made for himself in one of them. It’s just waiting for him to die. Brr.



Go to the swamps. The Barataria National Preserve is just an Uber ride away, and there are actual alligators all around. We saw 13, although Zsófi was convinced that it was the same one swimming around, tricking us. Besides the super-cool ‘gators, there are raccoons and deer and armadillos and snakes and frogs and much else. It is the perfect adventure.


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