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A Kellner Year in Retrospect

So let’s see the “hard facts” for those who are interested in applying for this scholarship in the future. What did the Kellner Scholarship bring to my life? Well, it basically changed it. Being away from my regular life at … Continue reading

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Botstein’s thoughts on life, optimism and human potential

I’ve been thinking for quite a while about what I could possibly share here, as life at Bard seems to be very repetitive. You wake up, you go to classes, you eat meals with your friends, you do your homeworks … Continue reading

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Winter break, transition and my great classes here

As Trixi and Julcsi have already expressed in previous posts, these last 2 months have been like a weird dream. One day you are discussing the crazy traffic of the Upper East side in Manhattan with a taxi driver and … Continue reading

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What Exactly Keeps Me So Busy at Trinity?

Greetings to everyone from a cold-but-not-yet-wintry Hartford! If New York City is a busy place, as Juli wrote in her Bard update, I can confirm that Trinity College feels just about the same. It’s almost as if we have just settled in, … Continue reading

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Nice shirt, Andy!

This post was inspired by a number of things: The wave of finals already washing against my feet, the gnawing urge to finally find the time and jot down my thoughts, the fact that I’ve been wanting to write about academics … Continue reading

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